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Deonex Logo

Deonex (DON) coin

Deonex coin is a decentralized, scalable cryptocurrency based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology. With this currency, we aim to create a cryptocurrency experience that works for everyone and having more utility value.

We are based in the United Kingdom and is founded by some of the blockchain industry's foremost builders. Our community has been providing customized Blockchain solutions for different Industries.


Our core focus

  • Fair distribution

  • Education

  • Mass adoption

  • Ease of access

  • Usability

  • Simplicity


Our vision

It is our vision to deliver a cryptocurrency for the world while ensuring fair distribution and mass adoption. Simply put, we help people to take advantage of cryptocurrency and achieve financial freedom.



Our currency is based on TRON blockchain (TRC 20 Token) customized TRON-Blockchain with quantum resistance technology. It is fully developed and trusted by millions and way better than other less developed less trusted blockchains. It guarantees high security and can be built on open-source protocols. It is fast and secure and requires no Central Servers.

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