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It started as a simple idea: Make crypto work like a real money system. Deonex has an ambitious roadmap and proven history of delivery.


DEC 2019 - Journey begins

Mr. Daniel Smith and other team members collaborated their skills to plot an amazing crypto project. The idea is to make crypto work like a real money system.

FEB 2020 - Adaption of ERC20

Deonex Token were generated on ERC20 Platforms. A fixed number of Tokens with a prefect distribution plan.



FEB 2020 - Release Whitepaper

Whitepaper took almost two months to complete as the complete project module was completely based on technical details of the Token.

MAR 2020 - Releasing Tokens

Deonex tokens were available to end-user in the form of 5 standard packages. These packages served daily Deonex returns and referral benefits.



DEC 2020 - Listing in the Market cap

Deonex token is listed in the Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.

JAN 2021 - Listing on an additional exchange

As part of the service expansion, Deonex will be listing on an additional crypto exchange platform.



DEC 2021 -Deonex Mobile App

In order to facilitate our customers, we will be launching Deonex mobile app. The mobile app will allow users to store, trade, and earn DON tokens. It will also facilitate to use of DON tokens in real-world payments.

2022 - Deonex payment gateway

Send or Accept crypto at the local or online store with Deonex payment gateway. Accept instant cryptocurrency payments effortlessly.



2023 - Launching E-shop

It would be amazing! Deonex users can soon be able to shop products or services directly from their Deonex mobile application.

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